Get the basics on the new model that is disrupting consultancy

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In a dynamic and demanding global marketplace, we often witness businesses becoming more agile and market-ready to leverage new revenue strategies. Such endeavors usually involve additional workforce and specialization, with a strong focus on aggressive “time-to-market” deadlines, guiding organizations to look for distinct solutions. …

And why family is the cure

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Hello, Miss? I’m calling from the hospital. I have here the results of your breast exam. I’m sorry to tell you; you have cancer.

Those words struck one relative of mine like a train. After the doctor’s news, her legs started shaking, her head spinning, her vision getting dizzy. First…

When you live in a wonderland

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Once upon a time, there was a need… The need to build the greatest digital product the world has ever seen. One product that would revolutionize the market, creating new trends and opening disruptive ways for doing business. …

Pay attention to non-verbal communication

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Working from home for twelve months straight obliterated my capacity to meet people spontaneously. Informal events need to be officialized in the calendar and the formal ones suffer from all the “digital noise” created by the bad usage of digital platforms like Teams or Zoom. …

Don’t turn your middle-management into a monkey group.

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Big companies thrive or fail based on the quality of their middle management. By “management”, I don’t mean the classical & hierarchical structures but a more holistic view of people harnessed with enough soft and hard skills to bring leadership, guidance, competence to do/support well-educated decisions.

Once, Simon Sinek mentioned,

The certification is only one of many road stops. Focus on the full journey.


In 50 years, someone will study the social phenomena of showcasing certifications on Linkedin, especially Agile ones. The standard post usually goes like this:

“Today, I am a Certified Scrum Master. I decided to take the exam to verify my understanding of Scrum and the Agile Framework. A Big Thank…

New Roles. Same Mentality.


Once upon a time, a software development model called ‘Waterfall’ — father of all evils, as some say… — advocated a granular breakdown of project activities to culminate in one gargantuan, tremendous, larger-than-life software rollout.

My first contact with Waterfall-ish methods happened more than a decade ago, as a Software…

Spot behaviors that will make your meeting go down the hill


“Brace yourselves! Another article on how to manage meetings…”

If this was your 1st thought, don’t worry. I’m not going to repeat the already-known tips shown here, here, and here. …

How to go from “Good” to “Great”

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It’s funny how your professional maturity takes you to see things differently over the years. Going back 13 years, my product team standards were based on pure performance supported by absolute metrics; more ‘output’ than ‘outcome.’ …

Top hints on “Getting Remote Work Right” are just scratching the surface of what we need right now.

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As a European (more concretely a Portuguese) citizen, I’m getting close to celebrate the 1st anniversary after our lives had been turned upside down.

February last year, we (Europeans) witnessed the SARS-COV-2 outbreak spreading across different countries. Italy was the first to be ‘devasted’ and the rest of Europe watched…

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